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Rome Makes Quibbling Denial of Planned Future Sacrilegious Communion Service with Lutheran Heretics

Pope's effusive praise for the Protestant Revolt have inspired credible rumors
about a future "Mass" combining evil Protestant and Catholic elements and sacrilegious
Edit: isn't the protestant prayer service  the heart and soul of the Novus Ordo?

(Rome) Roman authorities deny that the Vatican is preparing to conduct an "ecumenical Mass."
At the Vatican, it is denied that there is "a commission charged with drawing up an 'ecumenical Mass' for Catholics and Lutherans to attend and receive communion."
The Vatican assures that rumors surrounding the anniversary of the Reformation are "completely wrong."

Official Vatican Commission or informal grassroots group with papal benevolence?

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke: What exactly did he deny?
To be precise, the Vatican denied that there was "a commission" officially in charge. In recent days, informal initiatives have been reported by various media, including InfoVaticana and Vaticanista Marco Tosatti. "Roman grassroots communities" are to work with the alleged "benevolence of Santa Marta" at an "ecumenical Mass".
The difference between official and informal is blatant, but in the concrete case - if the information is correct - it would only serve to conceal it. In the absence of an official commission, the Vatican could dispute anything while informally prepared with a papal blessing, that which is disputed.
In any case, if the rumor is wrong, it shows what observers of the Vatican already know, since the "Bergoglio style" had its entry there.

Is Cardinal Sarah being kept in the dark?

Tosatti had published a chronicle in the US magazine First Things and wrote in it of a "commission", which was to have created a "legendary (fabulous?)," so InfoVaticana, "ecumenical Mass". The Vatican also mentioned that Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Worship and the Order of the Sacraments, was being kept in the dark about it.
This is credible insofar as Cardinal Sarah has already been bypassed (or deceived) directly by Pope Francis. Although it falls within the faculty of the Cardinal, it happened two months ago that the Motu proprio Magnum principium was kept secret from him. He only learned about it from the paper, although the document, in addition to the pope's signature, also bears that of his secretary, Archbishop Arthur Roche, who was supposed to be the Cardinal's closest collaborator.
The rumors of an "ecumenical Mass" are also considered credible, because in the past 18 months Pope Francis poured out the deluge of praise for Martin Luther and his Reformation.

New food for rumors and denials

The rumors received new sustenance when the newspaper The Australian asked for a report from the Vatican about the nature of an "ecumenical Mass," but received no response.
"Ecumenical Mass" of tomorrow? In the picture a teddybear Mass
Last week, turmoil increased as names of alleged members of the ghostly "commission" emerged, including the well-known, progressive liturgist Andrea Grillo, who was a constant critic of Benedict XVI on liturgical issues, however, in this pontificate happens to be an Ultrabergoglian. Last Friday, Grillo denied to the Catholic Herald, the existence of such a Vatican Commission.
The restlessness must have been audible up to the highest floors of the Vatican, as it has now come to a double denial.
Curia Archbishop Arthur Roche, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, told Christopher Lamb of the progressiveTablet, that the rumors about a Vatican commission to prepare an "ecumenical Mass" are "completely wrong". Likewise,Vatican spokesman Greg Burke, who stated when he was asked, that the rumors are "just wrong."

How credible are the denials?

The readers of InfoVaticana, following their comments, are not reassured by these denials. Too many remember the apparent confusion, which took place a few months ago surrounding Pope Francis and his immediate circle about another "commission". On June 14, 2017, the Roman historian, Prof. Roberto de Mattei, quite concretely wrote in an essay of the existence of a "secret commission" with the task to re-interpret the encyclical Humanae vitaeDe Mattei also mentioned the names of Commissioners, including as Head Msgr. Gilfredo Marengo.
Curia Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, a former Family Minister to the Vatican and current President of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, spoke on June 16 in front of the microphones and categorically denied the existence of such a "commission" and especially such an intention. In the same breath, however, he casually let it be known that there was a "study group", which was almost completely lost.
Avvenire, the daily newspaper of Italian bishops, went so far as to present the information published by de Mattei on a "Commission" as "media manipulation.The rumors got louder and louder until on July 25, Msgr. Gilfredo Marengo of Radio Vatican gave an interview and confirmed the existence of a "research group." If one reads Paglia's disclaimer retrospectively and literally, he had ultimately only denied the existence of a "Commission". A "research group" is something completely different.
Such hair-splitting, which serve the concealment, are responsible for an apparent loss of confidence in statements by representatives by the papal clique, as the comments at InfoVaticana show.
The Vatican's Marco Tosatti was the first to report in mid-May about the existence of a secret commission on Humanae vitae, which turned out to be correct despite several weeks of denials by the Vatican. The same Tosatti now reported on the informal commission for the elaboration of an "ecumenical Mass". So should Pope confidante Roche and Vatican spokesman Burke have denied only the existence of an official Vatican commission, but not generally the existence of such commission on behalf of the Pope?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


  1. Any priest who presides over such a mass would no be validly saying a Catholic mass either novus ordo or TLM the next day in his parish. The priest could not preside over this abomination and then have the intention to say a Catholic mass validly, no way.

    1. You could make the same argument about a priest saying the NO. Read the Ottavianni Intervention. What makes the NO valid? Because Paul 6 said so?

    2. False, the novus ordo assuming a validly ordained priest (yes I know, an assumption), form, matter, and intention is a valid mass,never LICIT, but valid.. That's the late Fr. Hesse talking, not me, no canon lawyer alive today knows more than the late Fr. Hesse that I have seen.

  2. Lots of lies and deceptions an manipulations coming from the corrupt ones at the Vatican. Deny a commission? Maybe it is a "study group" too? Where there is smoke, there is fire after all.

  3. Even as "a rose by any other name is still a rose", a lie by any other name.

  4. You have referred to Roberto dei Mattei in this report.

    NOVEMBER 8, 2017

    Books of Archbishop Lefebvre are obsolete now : so are the writings on Vatican Council II by Chris Ferrara and Roberto dei Mattei
    The Great Façade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolu
    Also Chris Ferrara and Roberto dei Mattei it is hoped will announce that when they wrote their books on Vatican Council II, they were unaware that Vatican Council II and EENS could be interpreted without the irrational premise.
    Image result for Photo books of Archbishop Marcel LefebvreImage result for Photo books of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
    Their books are now obsolete as are the writings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.-
    Vatican needs to apologise for the excommunication of Fr. Leonard Feeney and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre 1.
    -Lionel Andrades

    Vatican needs to apologise for the excommunication of Fr. Leonard Feeney and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

    NOVEMBER 8, 2017

    Vatican knows that the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus can be affirmed and interpreted with the rigorist interpretation even after Vatican Council II: but does not recognise this interpretation

  5. Replies
    1. The issue is Vatican Council II.How do you interpret it? This is related to ecumenism.....

      Once again in the link below the issue is Vatican Council II.How do the traditionalists interpret Vatican Council II? What is needed for canonical status? Can the SSPX affirm Vatican Council II without the irrational premise and then the Council would be a rupture with the new ecumenism ?
      Since without the irrational premise Vatican Council II supports the past ecclesiology of an ecumenism of return.
      The Lutheran Fest is supported by Vatican Council II with the irrational premise as it is also interpreted by the Diocese of Worcester.I do not know what is the position of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Still Rover, MA.
      Would Vatican Council II with the premise be used in future to support an ecumenical Mass?
      NOVEMBER 10, 2017

      No clarification or response from Bishop Robert J.McManus or Brother Thomas Augustine MICM on Catholic doctrine : how did they interpret Vatican Council II and EENS?

  6. And the story is not only off target, it's fake news, but don't let fabricated nonsense get in the way of a good chunk of truth.

    1. Bill commented about the story, not about you. Why the personal attack toward him? No valid counter argument to his comment?

    2. Because O'Douche is a horse's ass, lambastes the Truth and orthodoxy at every opportunity, and deserves every bit of offal thrown at him.

      Good enuff for ya "anon"?

  7. The Vatican is a noeud de vipères par excellence: liars one and all. Nothing that comes from the Vatican is trustworthy. Sad ... but true.

  8. Liars.....filthy liars, following their father.

  9. The great cardinal Manning's words ring so true now in this Bergoglio pontificate:“If the barrier which has hindered the development of the principle of antichristian disorder has been the Divine power of Jesus Christ our Lord, incorporated in the Church and guided by his Vicar, then no hand is mighty enough, and no will is sovereign enough to take it out of the way, but only the hand and the will of the incarnate Son of God Himself.”

  10. What a absolute & utter disgrace! If this is true we must pray for the eternal souls of Pope Francis & all those involved.

  11. Another story that's false. There is no ecumenical Mass in the works.

    1. Ok.......
      Wake up and smell the smoke of satan

  12. @Steven Edwards: Read what is on the blackboard.


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